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Taiwan Trip 2018

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By Zoe Vogels Last month I came back from another 10-day trip to Taiwan – myself and colleague Liz Bramley gave presentations to farmers and vets on milk quality and visited a few of Taiwan’s 500-odd dairy farms. With a population of ~23 million living in an area the quarter of the size of Tasmania,

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The importance of teat spray

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Dr Zoe Vogels Most bacteria that cause mastitis get into the udder through the teat canal. It follows that the more we can reduce bacteria on the teat end, the better we can reduce the risk of mastitis. Post milking teat spray is important for two reasons: the first is that it helps kill any

Stress and calves

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Zoe Vogels What happens when something stresses a calf? At a physiological level, it sets off a chain of chemical reactions in response to the stressful event. The calf’s brain tells the adrenal glands to make the hormone cortisol. Cortisol increases the blood pressure, makes the heart beat more strongly, diverts blood to the

Teatseal to prevent clinical mastitis in maiden heifers

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Dr Zoe Vogels BVSc, MANZCVS Heifers are most susceptible to clinical mastitis and high cell counts within the first few weeks of calving. This is due to opening of the teat ends just prior to calving that allows bacteria, such as Strep uberis, to enter the udder. While incidence rates vary depending on seasonal conditions

Is your dairy herd prepared for a bushfire?

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By Zoe Vogels, The Vet Group Recent bushfires in the region have provided us all with a timely reminder to sit down and plan what actions we will take in the event our properties are threatened by a bushfire. It goes without saying that your safety and the welfare of your family must come first