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Lungworm alert

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Lungworm, caused by the round worm Dictyocaulus viviparus, generally occurs in heifers less than 10 months of age. In particular, those heifers with no immunity that are exposed to high numbers of worm larvae when put onto pasture (such as a group of Spring-born calves weaned onto pasture grazed by Autumn calves). Lungworm disease can

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M. bovis and M. bovis – same same, but different!

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What’s the difference between M. bovis….and M. bovis? The shorthand for these two diseases of cattle is the same, but they completely different bacteria: Mycobacterium bovis and Mycoplasma bovis. Every bacteria has a specific name, so that we can identify them better – the “surname” (in this case Mycobacterium and Mycoplasma) and then a “first

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