Vaccine fever

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While vaccinations are particularly topical as conversation fodder this year (will you get the Pfizer or the AZ?) they have played an important part in human and animal disease prevention for over 200 years. So let’s talk about the history of vaccines and how they work... Vaccines through history Bacteria and viruses have been the

Biosecurity: the Big Four

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Farm biosecurity has three key aims: Prevent entry of disease, Contain spread if a disease does arrive on farm, and Minimize the impact of disaese if/when it occurs. When purchasing or agisting cattle, there are four key diseases that are important to be aware of: Pestivirus, Salmonella, Strep ag and Mycoplasma. Why? They all have

The importance of diagnostic testing

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Getting the correct diagnosis is an important part of herd health. This is both when investigating disease outbreaks or when monitoring herd performance. Below are just some of the diagnostic tests we have available at the Vet Group. Have a read and talk to one of our vets if you would like more information! In-house

Is bull testing a worthwhile exercise (and are maiden bulls worth testing)?

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Herd reproductive performance is an important component of efficient milk production.  Australian studies have identified several important factors that drive herd fertility.  One of these is bull performance. Where bulls are used in a mating program, either alone or as a follow up to an AI period, we need to ensure that we have enough

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BVDV – what is it and why is it important?

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Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) or Pestivirus, is a virus that has the potential to cause significant reproductive and calf losses in unexposed herds. Cattle that have never been exposed to BVDV and therefore have no protective antibodies are called "naïve". After their first exposure to, and infection with BVDV, cattle develop a strong and

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