Minimising lameness this winter

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Lame cows are frustrating, especially when the weather – which we have no control over – plays such a big part in increasing the risk of sore feet. Below are several things you can do to minimise the risk of lameness in wet conditions. This, in turn, will reduce the stress on your farm team

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The goods on tracks

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Tracks are an essential part of a dairy farm’s infrastructure. Well designed, constructed and maintained tracks will have a positive effect on cow health and farm efficiency. During summer when conditions are dry, it's the ideal time to conduct a review of your tracks and to carry out any maintenance needed. Waiting until the wet

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Preventative blocks for bulls

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Applying rubber blocks to your bull team is a very affordable treatment to help prevent bulls going lame during joining. Bull blocking is a service provided by The Vet Group’s vets and technicians where reduced thickness rubber blocks are applied across all four feet of a bull, using the latest glue technology from the USA.