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Teatseal to prevent clinical mastitis in maiden heifers

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Dr Zoe Vogels BVSc, MANZCVS Heifers are most susceptible to clinical mastitis and high cell counts within the first few weeks of calving. This is due to opening of the teat ends just prior to calving that allows bacteria, such as Strep uberis, to enter the udder. While incidence rates vary depending on seasonal conditions

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Cool cows

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Summer is here and even though temperatures have been lower than usual we need to be aware of the effect heat can have on cows. During past summers, we have seen cows being unable to cope with a number of consecutive days with temperatures in the high 30’s. Like most mammals, cows need to maintain

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Oleander poisoning – a heap of trouble

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By Dr Debbie Twiss   “Four well-conditioned heifers found lying dead in the paddock this morning and a couple more dying…” was the situation greeting a local farmer on Monday morning. Ingestion of toxic garden clippings would result in the death of 17 weaned heifers over the next 48 hours. The sequence of events that

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HerdWise – Focus on the big picture

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HerdWise Benefits Dedicated herd health vet to provide consistent service and regular contact Planning of key farm events with calendar planner and scheduled reminders to ensure you are doing the right things at the right times Ongoing review of animal health procedures to identify opportunities for improvement Streamlined dispensing and monitoring of farm medication usage

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