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Calving First Aid Refresher

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With the new season’s calves starting to make an appearance we thought it would be timely to revisit the physiology of the calving process and the common reasons why interventions may be required. As with any medical emergency, the success of calving first aid is highly dependent on the prompt and effective action. There are

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Metrichecking – an important tool

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Dr Liz Hancock Reproductive management for every calving period on your farm will contribute to better reproduction outcomes. In the lead up to each mating start date, managers should consider examination and early intervention treatment for at risk cows. Endometritis is an infection of the inner most layer of the uterus and is a common

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After calving – minimise cow health issues

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The transition period (3 weeks prior and 3 weeks post calving) is one of the most critical times in the production cycle of an adult dairy cow. Cows are at a high risk of a number of metabolic disorders that can affect dairy farm profitability. The significant nutrient requirements for the rapidly growing calf and

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Transition to a less stressful calving period

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Dr Tom Walsh Calving has become a year round activity in our region which means it is more important than ever to make it a routine process rather than a stressful one. Having a good transition plan will go a long way to ensuring that the calving period will fit in with the work flow

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Maximising the benefits of Colostrum for new born calves

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Calves are born with no natural protection from disease and it can take 3 to 4 weeks for them to develop their own antibodies. One of the best ways to protect your calves during this time, is to give them colostrum ─ the first milk produced by the cow or heifer after she has calved.

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