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VIP Health Club benefits for cats

Annual health check and vaccination

Your cat’s veterinarian will perform a full health assessment and give your cat the necessary FIV and F3 booster vaccinations to maintain optimal health.

Six monthly check-up with a veterinary nurse

Includes a weigh-in and diet advice, dental check and nail clip if required.

12 months of worm control delivered to your mailbox when you need it.

Milbemax is an intestinal all-wormer tablet that is given every 3 months to protect your pet against hookworm, roundworm and tapeworm. This will make sure your pet is up to date with worming.

12 months of flea control delivered to your mailbox

Advantage is a monthly spot on treatment that kills fleas instantly and continues to protect your pet from fleas for the entire month. You will receive 3 months’ supply with your wormer and we will send you a monthly reminder to apply the treatment.

Annual urine check for senior pets

For cats over the age of 8, we will conduct an annual urine check to screen for some common conditions of senior pets.

10% discount off other consultations and pet food

While your cat is a VIP Health Club member they will receive a 10% discount off all other consultation fees (medication not included). You will also receive a 10% discount off the retail price of all pet food purchased from us for the club member.

Helps prevent expensive illnesses

By keeping up with your cat’s routine preventative health care, you are helping to prevent expensive illnesses. The six monthly check-ups, also increase the likelihood that problems are detected before they become potentially serious or costly health issues.

It’s just so easy

We organise everything for you and remind you when treatments need to be given. Affordable monthly payments are charged automatically to your credit card. It makes doing the right thing easy!

Immediate benefits

Your pet will be eligible for most benefits as soon as they become a VIP Health Club member. You will immediately receive a welcome pack, their first three months’ flea and worming products and 10% discount off consultation fees (medication not included) and all pet food purchased for the member.

If your pet becomes a VIP member at the time of their annual vaccination you will receive a 10% discount on the consultation fee. As long as your pet remains a VIP Health Club member, subsequent annual booster vaccinations and 6 monthly health checks will be included in your pet’s membership.

You can of course choose to make one lump sum yearly payment for your cat’s membership which will mean you receive all the membership benefits immediately.