Health & safety resources

Here are some farm health and safety resources that we hope will be useful. The PDF files can be viewed online as well as printed out. Please click on the resource you would like to view below.

Crush design

A good crush makes working with cattle a lot easier, and safer for all involved. Have a read of this resource from the Australian Cattle Veterinarians

Preg-test platforms

This handout contains some advice on building or modifying preg-test platforms

Infectious diseases

Zoonoses are diseases of animals that can spread to people. The symptoms they cause range from mild to severe, and in some situations can be deadly.

Bushfire safety

Preparing for bushfires well in advance of the bushfire season means that there’s less things to worry about if a fire occurs


After the St Patrick’s bushfires, feedback from affected farmers was that they wanted a one pager “what do I need to do right now?”

Bushfire & pets

As well as preparing your house and family for bushfires it’s important to prepare for your pets

Bushfire & horses

The CFA has lots of resources and this is a good one on Horses & Bushfires

Safety checklist

This resource from the People in Dairy contains a good farm safety checklist