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HeiferWise Workshop

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Workshop: 20th of December 2018 & 7th February 2019 We all want heifer rearing to be an efficient, rewarding and profitable element of dairy farming. The better job we do rearing heifers, the better their long-term reproductive performance and milk production will be. The HeiferWise workshop gives you the tools to have a proactive approach

Teatsealing heifers – we can make it a breeze

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For herds frustrated by clinical and subclinical mastitis in their heifers at calving time, Teatsealing them 4–6 weeks before calving start date can reduce clinical and subclinical mastitis in the weeks after calving by 65–80% (or more). Why does it work? The normal keratin plug that blocks the end of the teat will often not

Eye cancer in cattle – early detection and treatment is key!

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Summer is not just the time for pinkeye , it’s also the time we see more cancer eye in cattle. These are fast-growing cancers of the eyeball or eyelids. Early detection and treatment of eye cancers a) makes the treatment itself simpler, and b) minimises the risk of the cancer spreading (both locally around the

There’s nothing fun about pinkeye (unless it’s Halloween*). Take steps to prevent it now.

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What is pinkeye? Pinkeye is the common name for a corneal ulcer in cattle. The main cause of pinkeye is the bacteria Moraxella bovis, which is present in nasal and eye secretions of clinically infected and carrier animals. It can spread between animals via flies or through close contact. Pinkeye typically occurs in young stock

Alex visits world cattle vet conference in Japan

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By Dr Alex Crosbie I was recently fortunate enough to attend the World Buiatrics Conference in Sapporo, Japan. I presented the findings of my research into the uses of health monitoring collars in pasture-based herds—performed at The Vet Group in 2016—to a global audience of vets and researchers. This exciting work is one of the

BVDV – what is it and why is it important?

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Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) or Pestivirus, is a virus that has the potential to cause significant reproductive and calf losses in unexposed herds. Cattle that have never been exposed to BVDV and therefore have no protective antibodies are called "naïve". After their first exposure to, and infection with BVDV, cattle develop a strong and

World Rabies Day 2018: Share the message. Save a life.

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Today, September 28th, is World Rabies Day: a day that focuses on increasing awareness and decreasing disease in countries where rabies occurs. While we don’t have rabies in Australia, it is present in many countries in Africa and Southeast Asia that we travel to, such as Bali and Thailand (see map below). Rabies is a

Grand Final Public Holiday

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  The Vet Group's clinics will be closed this Friday due to the Grand Final Public Holiday. For any emergencies please phone 5561 6911 for companion animals or 1300 838 700 for production animals. We will resume normal operating hours on Saturday 29th of September. Wollaston  Friday 28th September CLOSED Saturday 29th September 9am-4pm Allansford Friday

CalfWise Workshop 17 & 19 October

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The Vet Group's CalfWise Workshops present the latest, topical information on calf rearing, relevant to our district.  Our CalfWise team focuses on practical advice to help you achieve healthier calves. The workshop is run over two days and participants come away with: A thorough understanding of the biology of calf immunity and infection Key points

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