HerdWise – Focus on the big picture

|HerdWise – Focus on the big picture

HerdWise – Focus on the big picture

HerdWise Benefits

  • Dedicated herd health vet to provide consistent service and regular contact
  • Planning of key farm events with calendar planner and scheduled reminders to ensure you are doing the right things at the right times
  • Ongoing review of animal health procedures to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Streamlined dispensing and monitoring of farm medication usage
  • Coordinated referral to The Vet Group’s experts in specific fields of dairy management for critical farm

Dairy farm management is a dynamic puzzle. Seasonal changes, new innovations and the complex relationship between various elements such as nutrition, genetics, reproductive performance and milk production, means that farmers need to stay informed, educated and have access to a high level of professional advice. To be successful, farmers must recognise when intervention is required to maintain the balance between these critical elements.

HerdWise is an exclusive program developed over the past few months to provide the level of support that farmers need to make profitable decisions in this dynamic and challenging environment.
The objective of HerdWise is to ensure that enrolled farms are making animal health decisions based on a holistic view of the farm’s goals and situation, that the best herd plans are enacted on farm, and that the best possible value is achieved from all animal health expenditure.

HerdWise farms are partnered with a herd health vet to oversee all aspects of their dairy herd’s health and performance. Regular consultations to discuss preventative programs will be arranged at specific intervals throughout the year, including pre-dry off, pre-mating and mid-lactation to plan and discuss farm operations.

The HerdWise vet will monitor various performance indicators such as prescription medication usage, fertility rates and frequency of vet visits. By collecting and monitoring a range of farm performance measures and benchmarking against similar farms, HerdWise vets can provide pre-emptive and proactive advice to improve the farm’s bottom line.

Herd health calendars will be prepared and regularly updated, providing both the farm and The Vet Group a structured and organised plan for key farm events including joining, pregnancy testing, vaccination programs, dry off and important disease surveillance events. The HerdWise vet will monitor these plans to ensure that the necessary appointments and products are organised in a timely manner.
Supported by our team of consulting vets with specific fields of interest, including reproduction, nutrition, milk quality, calf health, lameness, and farm economics, your herd health is in excellent hands.

In light of the current economic challenges facing Australia’s dairy industry, The Vet Group will be providing HerdWise consults and enrolment free of charge for 2016. If you would like to take this opportunity to review your animal health expenditure and plan, please contact our Farm Services Team on 1300 838 700. 

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