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Greyhound Services

The Vet Group’s greyhound reproduction service team will give your bitch celebrity status. Our world will revolve around keeping your bitch happy and getting her in pup with your possible future champion. Progesterone testing is done in the morning with results back by noon. These results are closely monitored waiting for the optimum time to inseminate. This dedicated care and attention is reflected in The Vet Group’s exceptional success rate.

The Vet Group’s Wollaston Clinic is a registered semen storage facility which offers:

  • Free semen storage

  • Veterinarians registered with Greyhounds Australasia.

  • Veterinarians and professional vet nurses on call 24/7

  • Ultrasound pregnancy testing

  • Whelping backup 24/7

  • Fully equipped modern surgery

  • Kennelling for multiple bitches and large exercise area

  • Regular pickup and delivery of straws to other registered facilities via our licensed shipper.

Contact our greyhound reproduction team for more information or you may find the answer on the Greyhound reproduction frequently asked questions page.