Milk Quality Management and Investigation

Producing premium quality milk is a keystone of any dairy enterprise. Our experienced Countdown qualified veterinary staff have the skills and knowledge required to monitor and investigate milk quality issues, believing that prevention is always better than cure. We have the expertise required to assess cow, environmental and pathogen factors across a range of production and milk harvesting systems. No matter the size of your farm, you no longer have to accept milk quality penalties nor the frustration of high rates of clinical mastitis.

Our MilkWise team can help you with:

  • Milk quality monitoring, including herd test and clinical case data entry and analysis
  • In-house milk cultures
  • Milking visits to assess vacuum levels, cow behaviour and teat health
  • Dry-off advice: the how, what, when, why
  • Drying off assistance and/or staff training
  • Teatsealing of heifers
  • On-farm staff training for the recognition, treatment and prevention of clinical mastitis
  • Development of farm treatment protocols and residue avoidance

Please contact us if you are worried about milk quality in your herd or have any questions about our services.

Teatsealing heifers: reducing mastitis at calving

Mastitis in freshly calved heifers is frustrating! Studies have shown that the application of Teatseal into heifers four to six weeks before calving start date can reduce calving time mastitis by 50-80%. These study results have been backed up by what we’ve seen in the field. If you have more than 10% of heifers with clinical or subclinical mastitis in the first month after calving, then Teatseal is likely to be a profitable investment. With our hydraulic tipping crushes and experienced team, we make the task of infusing Teatseal in your heifers hygienic, easy and safe. Click here to see a video of our tipper crush in action.

In-house milk cultures

Identifying what mastitis pathogens are present in your herd helps you focus on key areas for prevention. We now offer an in-house milk culture service that is cheap, easy and quick – in most cases we have results the next day. This rapid turn around means that treatment can be tailored for individual cases. Click here for guidelines on how to collect a sterile milk sample so that you get best value for your money.

Countdown accredited advisors

  • Peter Younis BVSc MANZCVS
  • David Colson BVSc MANZCVS
  • John Ryan BVSc, Grad Dip Comp Prog
  • Zoe Vogels BVSc MANZCVS
  • Rob Ander BVSc
  • Szymon Ziety BVSc

Countdown Mastitis Toolkit App

Dairy Australia has developed a tailored app to help manage mastitis control for our herds. Whether you want to know a liner change date, the health of cow teats or information on post-milking teat disinfectant, this app is comprehensive and easy to use.

Designed in consultation with dairy farmers, advisors and vets, this is the one must-have app for udder health and milk quality.


  • Countdown Farm Guidelines for mastitis control
  • Topics include: new staff, mastitis at calving, drying-off cows etc
  • Library: mastitis control articles, tips & traps
  • Clinical cost calculator
  • Lower BMCC benefits calculator
  • Liner life calculator
  • Antibiotics withhold calculator
  • Antibiotics reference guide
  • Teat gallery

Download the app:

Google Play