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HerdWise Preventative and Proactive Care

There is a dynamic relationship between many elements when managing a dairy farm. These elements include seasonal conditions, nutrition, genetics, stock movements, reproductive performance and milk production.

We have designed the HerdWise program to help farmers be proactive with regards to animal health, by implementing preventative strategies. HerdWise farms are partnered with a designated vet to oversee their dairy herd’s health and performance. The HerdWise vet can:

  • Help you to assess your herd’s health, production and reproductive performance against benchmarks to provide targeted advice around farm priorities
  • Carry out the appropriate diagnostics to identify specific disease issues for your farm
  • Help you to decide on and plan preventative interventions such as vaccination or Teatsealing
  • Help create treatment and biosecurity protocols for your farm

Regular consultations to discuss and plan preventative programs can be arranged at specific intervals throughout the year, including pre-dry off, pre-mating and mid-lactation.