Feedbase & Transition

The Vet Group’s philosophy and experience is that good nutritional management can prevent a lot of health conditions in dairy cows. However this is easier said than done, particularly in South-West Victoria where we are more vulnerable to seasonal conditions.

The Vet Group team have considerable experience in assisting local farmers with feed base management of their herd such as:

  • Pasture growth, intakes and rotation lengths
  • Pasture renovation programs
  • Crop options
  • Dry cow feed, including protein requirements
  • Choices for purchased forage
  • Choices for purchased forage
  • Transition diet management, planning and analysis

Transition management and transition rations is a key focus area. With adequate preparation in the weeks leading up to calving, we find that metabolic disease in the transition period is largely avoidable. This sets your cows up for the rest of their lactation.