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How do you become a good employer?2018-09-03T15:56:05+10:00

How do you become a good employer?

Times have changed. Today’s employees are more educated, have different expectations and expect a different work-life balance than was the case with previous generations. Employers have two options; the first is to adapt and do things differently, the second is to keep doing what you’ve always done and expect the same outcomes.

Being a good employer is about understanding people and aligning their goals with yours. Remuneration is only part of the pitch, it depends equally on other factors that contribute to workplace satisfaction. The reality is that to keep good staff you may have to change – and we are here to help with this transition.

The Vet Group has been an industry leader in the development and roll-out of Dairy Australia’s People in Dairy program. We can assist you with one-on-one advice, or provide group education on how to get the most out of your people.

We have a number of staff with human resource qualifications so if you need assistance with recruitment or other human resource issues contact us.

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