HeiferWise Workshop

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Workshop: 20th of December 2018 & 7th February 2019 We all want heifer rearing to be an efficient, rewarding and profitable element of dairy farming. The better job we do rearing heifers, the better their long-term reproductive performance and milk production will be. The HeiferWise workshop gives you the tools to have a proactive approach

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Teatsealing heifers – we can make it a breeze

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For herds frustrated by clinical and subclinical mastitis in their heifers at calving time, Teatsealing them 4–6 weeks before calving start date can reduce clinical and subclinical mastitis in the weeks after calving by 65–80% (or more). Why does it work? The normal keratin plug that blocks the end of the teat will often not

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There’s nothing fun about pinkeye (unless it’s Halloween*). Take steps to prevent it now.

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What is pinkeye? Pinkeye is the common name for a corneal ulcer in cattle. The main cause of pinkeye is the bacteria Moraxella bovis, which is present in nasal and eye secretions of clinically infected and carrier animals. It can spread between animals via flies or through close contact. Pinkeye typically occurs in young stock

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Lungworm Risk

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We have recently diagnosed lungworm in a number of youngstock in the district and thought it would be good time to write about this disease. Lungworm, caused by the round worm Dictyocaulus viviparus, can present as coughing, loss of body condition, increased respiratory rate and in worst case death. Outbreaks generally occur in heifers less

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Coccidiosis By Dr Zoe Vogels Coccidiosis is a protozoal infection of calves and heifers that can cause diarrhoea (scouring) and poor weight gain. As seen in the diagram below, calves become infected by ingestion of the "egg" or oocyst of coccidia from the pasture. Once infected, the parasite multiplies in the intestine of the calf

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