Our values

Our company values define us as a business. They underpin all of what we do and guide us in our day-to-day activities.

We acknowledge that our team is made up of individuals who have different responsibilities, strengths and weaknesses. We embrace these differences and stand by one another knowing our core values and goals are the same. As a team we can achieve much more together than we can as individuals. The values that define us are as follows:

Science & Value

We attempt to base everything we do on true veterinary science. No gimmicks, no snake oil – just proven solutions that work for you and that add value. This is a core philosophy of our entire team. So before you engage with us, you can rest assured that every service or product we offer has already passed our own internal hurdles and comes with science and value at its heart. To this end, we don’t sell products or service for the sake of the sale – its all about adding value to you – the customer.

Do it once!

We don’t take shortcuts – we do things the right way, the best way, the first time – producing better outcomes for our customers and their animals. At times this might mean we take a little longer, or that we use different equipment, or even that we tackle those tough challenges as a team rather than individuals. In the long run, doing it once and doing it right is our approach and we are proud of it.


We understand that our clients are diverse and have varying levels of experience and different resources. We are all individuals! No matter what your situation, we will always respect your situation and your choices and always maintain complete confidentiality. We see ourselves as partners, not service providers and want to earn and maintain your respect.

No barriers – find solutions

Veterinary science is about solving complex problems and we never rest until we have done everything within our means to help deliver quality outcomes for you and your pet or production animal. We understand that there are also times when things don’t quite go as planned – and the outcome is not ideal. Rest assured this hurts us too, and is something we try our hardest to avoid.

Enjoy! & Be part of the community

We aim to make The Vet Group a professional and enjoyable place for our team. The same goes for our interactions with clients – the world can be hard enough so let’s make sure we enjoy working together and be truly part of our local community. Be it the middle of the night, or in the depths of winter or on a bright sunny day – let’s try to enjoy what we do as much as possible – it’s our philosophy.