Frequently Asked Questions….

Our companion animal customers include pet owners, greyhound owners and trainers, and working farm animal owners.

Our farm services clients include the following:

  • Family owned and operated dairy farms
  • Sharefarmers
  • Corporate dairy farms
  • Universities and the TAFE sector
  • Industry bodies including MLA, Dairy Australia, WestVic Dairy and others
  • Product manufacturers and researchers

Whatever your companion animal species, pet or farm animal – we can help. Our team has a broad range of skills, experience and postgraduate qualifications to ensure your animals receive high-quality care, tailored to your needs and expectations. On the occasion that your pet may be a little unusual, we also have access to experts who we can draw on for additional assistance if need be.

We treat all livestock and farm animal species, across a wide range of production systems, as well as the less common farm animals including goats, alpacas and camels.

On occasion, we can also provide services to horses and we can also treat wildlife under certain circumstances.

We offer credit accounts to our farm services clients after a credit application, credit check and agreed terms and conditions. All other clients are pay on day.  We understand, however, that there are times when special circumstances will apply and want to work with you to find a solution. Please discuss any repayment issues at the time of consultation.

Wollaston Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Saturday 9am-4pm

Allansford Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Saturday 9am-12pm

Timboon Mon-Fri 8am-5.30pm
Saturday 9am-12pm

Simpson Mon-Fri 10am-4pm

Yes, The Vet Group companion and production animal teams are here for our clients and their animals 24 /7 / 365. Unfortunately most after hours calls incur a moderate surcharge. Some farm animal services such as pregnancy testing do not incur any additional fee.

Yes, we have in-house xray equipment, state of the art laboratory diagnostic equipment and diagnostic ultrasound facilities. These enable us to provide rapid, quality controlled diagnostic solutions for your pet.

Yes. When making a booking with the Vet Group you can ask for a particular vet who has seen your pet previously, who is most familiar with your farm or with which you have a special bond. Whilst we can’t guarantee it, we will try our best to accomodate your request.

Whilst we mostly work within South-West Victoria, we on occasionally travel to other areas including interstate and overseas.

All pets must be secure when arriving at the clinic. For dogs, they must be on a leash or in an appropritae cage. All cats must be in a cage. These requirements are for the protection of your pet, other animals, our staff and you. In addition, please bring any medications that your pet may currently be receiving and any clinical history if you are new to our clinic.

We welcome your feedback, both positive and negative so that we can always strive to improve. Pet care clients will periodically receive a short survey after their visit.  Otherwise, please call any of our staff at any time to provide any comments that you may have.

We take our legal obligations regarding the prescription and supply of scheduled medicines very seriously. These rules may at times appear cumbersome but are there to protect your animals, food safety and the long term viability of important medicines. We adhere to the Veterinary Practitioners guidelines regarding responsible prescribing practices. It is critical before we can supply scheduled medicines that we have a bona fide client relationship and have established therapeutic need. If you have any questions, please contact any of our veterinarians directly.

We welcome requests for sponsorship or support of local community groups, charities or other organisations. Our preference is to support events and groups focused on young people. Requests should be in writing to The General Manager – 99 Bailey Street Timboon 3268.

Yes. Places are limited, however, so we encourage bookings well in advance. We value students who demonstrate initiative and who approach us directly. For further information please refer to our students placement page.