Minimising lameness this winter

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Lame cows are frustrating, especially when the weather – which we have no control over – plays such a big part in increasing the risk of sore feet. Below are several things you can do to minimise the risk of lameness in wet conditions. This, in turn, will reduce the stress on your farm team

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Dairying in Taiwan – food for thought

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After several visits to Taiwan, this year was a little bit different in that myself and vet/nutritionist Liz Bramley circumnavigated the island and finally got to see the sights of the East Coast. There is only a small area for living and farming on this side as Taiwan - but it provided lots of

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Milk Trivia

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The first of June was World Milk Day, but over in the USA the whole of June is National Dairy Month. So how about some milk trivia to celebrate - you never know when it might come in handy at a trivia night! Who invented the milkshake? In Chicago, 1922, Walgreens' Ivar "Pop" Coulson added

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Is bull testing a worthwhile exercise (and are maiden bulls worth testing)?

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Herd reproductive performance is an important component of efficient milk production.  Australian studies have identified several important factors that drive herd fertility.  One of these is bull performance. Where bulls are used in a mating program, either alone or as a follow up to an AI period, we need to ensure that we have enough

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