What does synchrony do to herd dynamics?

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Peter Younis We are often asked about the benefits, costs, workload or complexity of herd oestrus synchrony programs. There are, as most farmers know, a multitude of options, each with pros and cons. The answer is that each program is very different and may or may not be suitable on different farms for a variety

Getting the most out of pregnancy testing

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Dr John Ryan Herd reproductive performance is a common frustration for many dairy farmers. The old adage, “you can’t improve what you don’t measure” holds true when applied to herd reproductive performance. With a little planning and preparation pregnancy testing can provide you with accurate and detailed information allowing you to: Identify empty cows Plan

Ultrasound technology – how does it work?

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Dr David Colson When used by a skilled professional, ultrasound technology provides farmers with information that can be used in the reproductive management of their herd; it allows for early pregnancy diagnosis, foetal sexing and is gentler on both cow and operator. Advancements in the technology have made the ultrasound units very portable and more