Preventative blocks for bulls

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Applying rubber blocks to your bull team is a very affordable treatment to help prevent bulls going lame during joining. Bull blocking is a service provided by The Vet Group’s vets and technicians where reduced thickness rubber blocks are applied across all four feet of a bull, using the latest glue technology from the USA.

Field trial Teatseal reduces ICCC and BMCC in early lactation

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There has recently been an important registration change for teatseal, meaning it is now registered for use in reducing BMCC, as opposed to just preventing clinical mastitis. Clinical mastitis Is an infection of the mammary gland which results in; Heat, redness, pain and swelling in the udder; and/or Visible changes in the milk (e.g. watery

Is your bull team match fit?

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Successful coaches do everything they can to make sure their teams are match fit before the season starts. A pre-season fitness test, pre-season training and appropriate footwear all contribute to a team’s readiness. The same applies to your bull team if you want to successfully use them for natural mating after AI. Local research conducted