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New hip lifting device

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No matter how hard we try, most dairy farmers will experience the need to nurse down cows at some point throughout the calving season. Apart from high quality bedding, shelter, rolling, food, water and anti-inflammatory medications, it is also necessary on occasion to lift these cows using a tractor or other device. Alternatively, it is

Calves and cold stress

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Like most baby mammals, calves are less capable of regulating their body temperature than adults. If a calf feels cold stress, its growth rate will slow down and it will be more susceptible to health issues. Animals have a thermo neutral zone where they are at a comfortable temperature and don’t need to use any

Calf starters

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A dairy cow’s stomach is made up of four parts and relies heavily on fermentation for the digestive process (rumination). The four stomach parts are reticulum, rumen, omasum and abomasum (see figure 3 below). The reticulum and the rumen is where fermentation occur, the omasum absorbs water and minerals from the rumen, and the abomasum