Perfect Udder Colostrum Management

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The long-term benefits of colostrum have been documented, with improved live-weight gain and health status leading to earlier joining dates. Calves receiving larger volumes of colostrum at birth have shown to have less veterinary costs in the pre-weaned period  and produce more milk per day in the both the first and second lactations. Therefore, a

Stress and calves

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Zoe Vogels What happens when something stresses a calf? At a physiological level, it sets off a chain of chemical reactions in response to the stressful event. The calf’s brain tells the adrenal glands to make the hormone cortisol. Cortisol increases the blood pressure, makes the heart beat more strongly, diverts blood to the

Significant results from trial – new Ovsynch program

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Dr Joey Rheinberger A research project by Joey Rheinberger, University of Melbourne dairy resident at The Vet Group, looked at optimising the use of Ovsynch for fixed time artificial insemination (AI). The size of Australian dairy herds is increasing and a growing number of farmers are relying on fixed time insemination as a management tool