Benefits of early Pregnancy Diagnosis

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Dr Joey Rheinberger BVSc MANZCVS Many farms already use pregnancy diagnosis as an integral part of their management practices. Pregnancy diagnosis may be performed using rectal palpation or transrectal ultrasound either with a hand held ultrasound device or a probe mounted on an introducer. Many farmers are now also taking advantage of the ability to

Grass seeds a problem for dogs

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This summer is proving to be a particularly bad year for grass seed penetration in dogs. Long haired, active dogs are most commonly affected but all dogs exposed to long grass are susceptible. Grass seeds are small with a pointed end making them the ideal shape to penetrate a dog’s skin. Once the seed is

Increased capacity for foetal sexing

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By Dr Tom Westmore BVSc Through intensive training, The Vet Group is increasing its capacity to offer the service of bovine foetal sexing using ultrasonography. This service is best provided at a gestational age of 9 to 11 weeks and with more vets being able to conduct foetal sexing, you should have no problems making